What does implantological treatment look like?

What does the implantological treatment at doctor Tomasz Zarański look like?

„Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A. Foster.

Implantology treatment in Perfect Smile Clinic is a safe and predictable procedure.

We accomplish a comprehensive implantology based on two principles: building good relationships with the patient and the highest quality of dental services.

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That is why we are distinguished by high work culture in accordance with the philosophy of “slow dentistry“, in which the most important is direct contact with the patient, a comprehensive and team approach to dental treatment.

It is worth emphasizing that we deal with even the most complicated cases.

What does the implantological treatment at doctor Tomasz Zarański look like?

On the first visit, Dr. Zarański discusses in detail the purpose of patients visit and the expectation of final effects.

I start working with patients from a long and honest conversation during which we discuss the problems with which they came to me.” – explained Dr. Zarański.

After consultation, the patient receives all necessary information about the planned treatment, including pre-operative and post-operative recommendations.

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It is worth adding that the patient at any stage of cooperation can ask to the doctor with questions about smile design and treatment.

13 years of experience in implantation and over 3,000 implantological procedures are the guarantee of the highest quality of services.

Thanks to the experience and proper planning of each treatment, implant placement is a simple, safe and predictable procedure lasting about 15 minutes.

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After the treatment many patients  are pleasantly surprised by the process of the visit. Thanks to the experience of Dr. Zarański and the involvement of the entire Perfect Smile Clinic team, the visit is smooth, stress free and in comfortable conditions. If the implantological procedure concerned the front tooth of the patient, Dr Tomasz Zarański performs a very aesthetic temporary crown on the spot so that the patient can return to his professional duties immediately after the procedure.

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