Certified hygienist and dental assistant with over 14 years of experience. She specialises in 4-handed assistance during endodontic procedures under the microscope, conservative dentistry and prosthodontics.

Besides, she also carries out professional hygienization and laser teeth whitening. Continues to develop her qualifications at various courses and trainings. Her distinguishing features include great diligence, conscientiousness in performing her duties and individual approach to each patient.

Celina Szmytka 01

Celina brings a broad smile to our clinic, has a healthy distance to herself and a sense of good humour. Right from the clinic’s doorstep, she greets the patient with a smile, making the patient forget about stress and feel that they are in the right hands.

Privately, she enjoys spending active time with her family on long walks with her dog, at the ice rink and by the water.