Dr Marta Morenc-Szukalska

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the Medical University of Gdansk in 2004. A very experienced dentist, she deals with orthodontic treatment of children, adolescents and adults with fixed and removable braces.

Dr Marta has been associated with our clinic for many years. She appreciates our approach to patients, caring for their comfort and well-being. Her approach is the right one and she has a lot of patience with children, being a happy mum of four boys herself. Identifies with our philosophy of treatment in the spirit of “slow dentistry”. She goes to great lengths to ensure that every treatment is always well planned, and with her extraordinary attention to detail and years of experience, she provides the best care for our patients.

Marta Morenc - Szukalska 02
Dr Marta Morenc – Szukalska

In her private life, she pays a lot of attention to a healthy lifestyle, rides a bicycle and regularly practices pilates.