Price list of our dental services

Dear Sirs,

Our mission is to surround you with professional care at the highest possible level, in comfortable and friendly conditions.

Our team led by dentist Tomasz Zaranski, Master o Science in Esthetic Dentistry makes your dreams of beautiful and healthy smiles come true every day. We are pleased to inform you that in accordance with our mission and out of concern for the highest quality of services provided, our experienced doctors use materials and equipment of only reputable and proven manufacturers. 

Prosthetic works are performed in cooperation with the best prosthetic laboratories in Poland, thanks to which quality goes hand in hand with the aesthetics of our patients’ smiles. During the treatment process in our clinic we surround you with care and individual attention so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

Each procedure is performed completely painless and under local anaesthesia.

Removal of stitches after the procedure and follow-up visits are free of charge.

We present a brief price list of our comprehensive service offer:

Examinations and consultations

  • the first consultation visit – specialist examination of the oral cavity condition, performed with the use of digital images, presentation of the examination on a monitor together with a discussion of the health condition and individual needs of the patient – 200 PLN250 PLN
  • pantomographic X-ray (OPG) – digital panoramic X-ray showing all teeth of the maxilla and mandible together with adjacent structures – 150 PLN
  • radiovisiography (RVG) – modern digital X-ray of a single tooth or a group of adjacent teet – 50 PLN

Aesthetic dentistry

  • veneers – highest quality individualised porcelain veneers – 3000 PLN
  • PREMIUM porcelain crown (in the aesthetic zone) on zirconium or all-ceramic framework – 3000 PLN
  • porcelain crown on zirconium or all-ceramic base – 2500 PLN
  • digital smile design (DSD) with a photo session and live mock up presentation – 1500 PLN
  • bonding – highly aesthetic composite filling – 900 PLN
  • hygienization – the most effective method of professional plaque and tartar removal from teeth with the use of ultrasounds and a modern sandblaster, completed with contact fluoridation of all teeth – 500 PLN600 PLN
  • laser teeth whitening with the use of the latest generation BIOLASE diode laser (USA), safe and the most effective method from the office – 1600 PLN
  • treatment package: HYGIENIZATION plus LASER TOOTH WHITENING – 1900 PLN (instead of 2200 PLN)
  • overlay teeth whitening – home method – 1300 PLN           
  • treatment of GUMMY SMILE from 600 PLN
  • laser correction of gum shape from 600 PLN


  • implant placement (all treatments are performed using the most effective anaesthetics, we use implants of the highest quality only by renowned companies from Germany, Switzerland and the USA) – 3500 PLN
  • implant crown – porcelain crown on zirconium base with a connector – 3500 PLN


  • veneers – highest quality individualised porcelain veneers – 3000 PLN
  • PREMIUM porcelain crown (in the aesthetic zone) on zirconium or all-ceramic framework – 3000 PLN
  • porcelain crown – on zirconium or all-ceramic base – 2500 PLN
  • acrylic denture – 3000 PLN
  • skeletal denture – 3500 PLN
  • flexible denture (without acrylic and without metal) – 3500 PLN

Conservative dentistry

  • light-cured composite filling – restoration of the anatomical shape, colour and function of a tooth using the most modern materials of Japanese or American origin. Treatments are performed under anaesthesia, with the use of a microscope and rubber dam. The price depends on the degree of damage to the tooth and ranges from 500 PLN600 PLN
  • bonding – highly aesthetic composite filling – 1000 PLN
  • strengthening of a tooth with a glass fibre inlay – 600 PLN

Root canal treatment (endodontics)   

Root canal treatment is performed under the top class microscope KARL KAPS Germany, in anaesthesia, with the use of rubber dam and modern rotary tools.

  • root canal treatment of 1-canal tooth – 1100 PLN
  • root canal treatment of a 2-canal tooth – 1400 PLN
  • root canal treatment of a 3-canal tooth – 1700 PLN
  • additional root canal – 250 PLN

Reendo – repeated root canal treatment

In teeth, which have poorly filled canals or were treated incorrectly in another office.

  • reendo of a 1-canal tooth – 1400 PLN
  • reendo of a 2-canal tooth – 1700 PLN
  • reendo 3-canal tooth – 2100 PLN
  • reendo 4-channel tooth – 2500 PLN

Dental surgery

  • extraction (removal) of a tooth – the cost of the procedure depends on its complexity and ranges from 500 PLN to 1000 PLN
  • extraction (removal) of an impacted wisdom tooth – the cost depends on its complexity and ranges from 1000 PLN to 1500 PLN
  • rtooth root resection – 1000 PLN1500 PLN
  • transplantation of gum or connective tissue from 1000 PLN
  • covering gum recession from 1500 PLN
  • incision of a frenulum of a lip or tongue with BIOLASE diode laser, without stitches – 600 PLN
  • laser removal of defects on the mucous membrane from 600 PLN

Bruxism treatment

  • botox injection in the masseter muscles – 1500 PLN
  • overnight relaxation splint 600 PLN

Gummy Smile treatment

  • botox injection – 800 PLN
  • laser gum line correction – from 600 PLN

Aesthetic medicine

  • wrinkles correction with botox – lion’s furrow, crow’s feet, wrinkles on forehead – 800 PLN1400 PLN
  • platelet rich plasma (PRP) mesotherapy – 800 PLN1200 PLN
  • filling in wrinkles and defects with a filler based on hyaluronic acid – 1000 PLN1600 PLN
  • lip contouring with fillers based on hyaluronic acid – 1000 PLN1600 PLN

We offer convenient forms of payment: cash, credit cards, BLIK, bank transfer, payments by installments..

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Additional information:

  • This price list does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 §1 of the Civil Code.
  • Prices are for information purposes only and are subject to change.