Tomasz Zaranski

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Perfect Smile Clinic

Gdansk Wrzeszcz

10 Konopnickiej Street
80-240 Gdansk Wrzeszcz
Phone: ☎ +48 58 573 25 33

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    How to get to us?

    It is very easy to get to our Clinic with your own car and public transport. It should be remembered that Maria Konopnicka Street is a one-way street. The entry takes place from the side of Grunwaldzka Avenue at an altitude well in the Tri-City of the well-known Manhattan Shopping Center. The entire street is covered by a paid parking zone. It is also easily accessible by bus ZTM No. 162.

    Do you have any questions regarding your smile? Do you want to make an appointment?

    Contact Us! +48 58 573 25 33 | Gdansk Wrzeszcz | 10. Konopnickiej Street.

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