Tomasz Zaranski

He is always ready to help patients to the best of his ability and to share his knowledge and experience with co-workers. He has placed more than 3000 implants (he could do it with his hands tied, but he has not tried) and saved thousands of smiles.

Tomasz Zarański 01
Tomasz Zaranski

 „Zaranski – Inspires Emotions”. It could be Dr Zaranski’s advertising slogan. Proof? These are the words of one of his patients, “Doctor led me to a mirror, and I saw myself. The new me. Tears filled my eyes. It was amazing.” Tomasz, without ‘Dr’ and in his spare time, often draws close the stock of his sporting rifle, takes up a firing position, aims at the middle of the target with full concentration and fires.

He successfully competes with the best sporting shooters in the region, regularly ranks among the top competitors and continues to expand his collection of medals. What does it mean for his patients? Accuracy and even more accuracy, and precision as it is crucial. Perfect eye–hand coordination is a useful skill both during dental procedures and sporting competitions. Smiles are designed to the nearest millimetre.

Tomasz Zaranski – saving smiles since 2005!