Esthetic medicine and laser therapy

It is worth to emphasize that the metamorphosis of a smile does not end on dental treatment, but on the contrary it is repenishment by treatments available in the field of aesthetic medicine at Perfect Smile Clinic. Smoothing of mimic wrinkles, filling and modeling of the lips and cheeks are a perfect complement to aesthetic dentistry and will rejuvenate every person of several years.

Thanks to the use of Botox, we will smear mimic wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and hyaluronic acid will improve skin tone and deeply moisturize it.

Iwona benefited  such rejuvenating treatments, after the implant prosthetist, Dr. Tomasz Zarański, created a new smile for her. Mrs. Iwona has been ashamed of her teeth for many years. It was her biggest problem, especially since she works as a hair stylist on a daily basis. Her appearance is such a  business card at the work with customers.

For this reason, she came to our clinic for prosthetic consultation. Dr. Tomasz Zarański showed Mrs. Iwona that her teeth do not have to look ugly at all. The doctor presented her how by choosing the implants, crowns and veneers  be able to enjoy a smile straight from Hollywood.

After finishing the implant-prosthetic treatment, the doctor performed some simple anti-wrinkle treatments, which eliminated wrinkles and highlighted the beauty.

Treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine are dedicated to all those who want to

counteract the effects of aging

when smiling  reveal too much gums (unsightly gummy smile)

they clench and gnash their teeth at night and under the influence of stress (bruxism)

want to improve their state of being and mood

want to moisturize and revitalize the face skin

The range of our treatments focuses primarily on facial revitalization. All procedures are selected so that the effect is visible as soon as possible. We offer treatments, after which the effect is visible immediately or within a few days.

Esthetic medicine and laser therapy

Our authorial concept is


That is a specially selected set of beauty treatments that will prepare a woman and a man for an evening out.

Intravenous infusion antiaging or antihangover

Styling of nails, eyelashes and eyebrows

Evening makeup

Stylist’s help in choosing evening stylization

Antiaging treatments:

Botulinum toxin (BOTOX) – correction of mimic wrinkles

Intravenous infusions

Treatment of bruxism

Treatment of gingival smile(gummy smile)

Hyaluronic acid – filling wrinkles

Correction of the “valley of tears”

Beard – giving the right proportions of the face

Lips – enlarging and modeling

Lips – moisturizing and forming

Volumetric face lift (face oval modeling)

Soft lifting

Skin revitalization


Non-surgical correction of drooping eyelids

Platelet-rich plasma exposures (using patient’s plasma)

Intravenous infusions – a rich nutritional cocktail given by a drip. It is the most effective method of regenerating and nourishing the body. The rate of absorption of active substances in the body is 100%.

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Tomasz Zarański Perfect Smile Clinic

We invite you for an implantology consultation at doctor Tomasz Zarański.

The highest quality and establishing a good and honest relationship with the patient is crucial for me in the implantology process. – says Dr. Tomasz Zarański.

– That’s why 90% of my patients are patients on command.

Tomasz Zarański is an implantologist with many years of experience. Expert in dental implantology International Congress from Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Oral Implantologie (DGOI) and Polish Implant Association. Together we will see what is the best solution to help you.

See You, Dr. Tomasz Zaranski

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Do you have any questions regarding your smile? Do you want to make an appointment?

Contact Us! +48 58 573 25 33 | Gdansk Wrzeszcz | 10. Konopnickiej Street.

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