Why do patients from abroad since many years decide for implants treatments at Dr Zarański?

The Perfect Smile Clinic is often called by patients from abroad who have limited time to perform implant surgery .

Dr Tomasz Zarański treats patients who live permanently abroad.

Such a patient is Mr. Marcin, an active sportsman who used to lives in permanent turnouts. Dr. Zarański arranged the cooperation with the patient to  meet his expectations. At the same time, it would be effective and bring a predictable and satisfying effect. He started working with the patient from a long and honest conversation during which he discussed the problems with which he came to the doctor. It turned out that he is an extremely cordial, athletic and smiling person.

Why do patients from abroad since many years decide for

The next stage of implantological treatment, for which Dr. Tomasz Zarański is responsible, is the restoration of the tooth which we called prosthetics.

Dr Zarański specializes in prosthetics. He performed prosthetic treatment for over 10,000 patients.

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A good aesthetic dentist is not only a specialist in medical matters, but also a specialist in the field of designing a smile that matches the facial features, as well as an excellent photographer.

Therefore, to build relationships with the patient uses professional photography. Dr Zarański tries to capture the patient’s natural smile in the frame and make it open to him so that I can meet his internal needs and recreate the natural freedom of a smile.

Why do patients from abroad since many years decide for implants treatments at Dr Zaranski 02

Creating a project and visualization – in addition to medical aspects – Dr. Zarański also focuses on finding the perfect proportions of teeth and face. Therefore, the photo documentation is performed before, during and after treatment. It allows him to follow the treatment process and control its proper course.

All these details build mutual trust between the doctor and the patient.

Good relationship with the patient is the key to success.

It is very important how the patient feels after the implant-prosthetic treatment. Dr Zaranski’s patients finish treatment with positive emotions. Changing the beliefs that follow in the patient’s mind is the best reward for the doctor. After the treatment process, patients remain in constant contact with Dr. Zarański, often bring their families and a number of friends to strart the treatment with him.

Why do patients from abroad since many years decide for implants treatments at Dr Zaranski 03

90% of my new patients come to me on command – says Dr Tomasz Zaranski

Dr Tomasz Zarański is a great specialist. (…) Professionalism in the full sense of the word – from the initial consultation and the effect of a beautiful smile ending. It can be seen that Dr Tomasz puts all his involvement and knowledge into treatment of patients. All treatments are carried out very efficiently, expertly, painlessly and most importantly – without complications and pain after treatments. I appreciate the individual approach to the patient, empathy, care for comfort during the treatment itself (…)


Doctor Tomasz Zarański is a wonderful dentist and surgeon! Calm but determined. He copes well with difficult cases that other dentists would not take. I am very impressed with his approach to the patient. The office is well stocked. Full professionalism. In  all honesty, I can recommend Mr. Tomasz’s services! in both simple and complicated cases! First of all, the whole “procedure” takes place calmly, without pain, and the doctor is genuinely interested in the good of the patient. I recommend !

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