Welcome to Perfect Smile Clinic

We invite you to visit the Perfect Smile Clinic where we treat our patients according to the philosophy of slow dentistry. Here we carry out comprehensive dentistry, based on the highest quality dental services and building good and lasting relationships with the Patient.

The inhabitants of the Tri-City and the entire Pomeranian region, as well as Elbląg, Braniewo, Toruń, Kraków and the residents of Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Iceland trusted us.

It is noteworthy that a team of experienced dentists perform all treatments painlessly and in the shortest possible time.

Since 13 years the team leader, Dr. Tomasz Zarański in his practice has carried out over 3,000 implantations and performed prosthetic treatment for 10,000 patients. Specializes in implantology, aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics. In his work, above all, he puts great emphasis on the safety, precision and accuracy of treatments carried out in accordance with the latest knowledge, supported by scientific research (evidence based dentistry).

Therefore, the Perfect Smile Clinic team combines modern dentistry with the comfort of treatment in a warm atmosphere inspired by the hygge philosophy. Our goal is that patients, when coming to the clinic, feel comfortable and safe as in their own home.

Due to the fact that the clinic is in a great location at the height of Manhattan shopping center, the access to reach us is very simple. If you are traveling by car, from Grunwaldzka Avenue you have to turn into Maria Konopnicka street .People traveling by public transport will walk to us in 5-7 minutes from the Gdańsk Wrzeszcz railway station or ZTM bus stops along Grunwaldzka street

I invite you for the first visit, in which in cozy interiors, with good coffee and music, in an unhurried and friendly atmosphere, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other and talk about the purpose of your visit. “

Tomasz Zarański
doctor dentist implantologist, owner of Perfect Smile Clinic

Do you have any questions regarding your smile? Do you want to make an appointment? Contact Us! +48 58 573 25 33 | Gdansk Wrzeszcz | 10. Konopnickiej Street. Check our patients revievs on Check on Facebook