Dr Claudia Wasilewska

Graduated with honours in Medicine and Dentistry from the Medical University of Gdansk and completed a two-year postgraduate course in aesthetic medicine for doctors at the Silesian Medical University.

Associated with our clinic for many years, Dr Claudia performs treatments in the field of conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics. She specialises in root canal treatment of teeth (endodontics) with the use of a modern treatment microscope. In addition, she has extensive experience in aesthetic medicine, which she uses with a holistic approach to improve the aesthetics of the smile and facial proportions.

Claudia Wasilewska 01
Dr Claudia Wasilewska

The work she does is not only her profession, but also her great passion. She provides our patients with a comprehensive, professional, individual, empathetic and gentle approach. She treats patients as if she herself would want to be treated during medical appointments.

Dr Claudia actively participates in numerous conferences, congresses and training sessions in the field of dentistry and aesthetic medicine to continuously improve her professional qualifications.

In her free time, she enjoys travelling, reading interesting books and spending time actively outdoors.